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Head & the Heart Therapy


Nora Winters MAAT, ATR-BC, LCAT

Mental Health Counseling, 
Creative Arts Therapy,
& Consulting Services



As a qualified mental health counselor and art psychotherapist with extensive experience in the field, Nora is confident in her ability to help clients cope with their feelings and transform their negative patterns into constructive ones by developing non-judgmental self-awareness. She believes it is essential to have a broad knowledge base of psychological theory and rigorous clinical training in counseling techniques.  She develops a personalized treatment plan for each client to deliver a truly holistic mental health service to her clients.  

Her specializations include working with children, adolescents, adults, and families. She has extensive experience helping  clients with anxiety, depression, ADHD, phobias, self esteem, sports related anxiety, attachment issues, transitional work, trauma, and behavior, mood, adjustment, and  personality disorders. She also specializes in developing treatment plans in collaboration with schools, other treatment facilities, psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, personal trainers, wilderness programs, hospitals, and can help clients successfully navigate significant life transitions.

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Please email or call to learn more about fees. Fees vary depending on services requested. Nora works with each family to create a treatment plan that helps supports the family and is financially viable.


Nora is also happy to provide documentation needed to submit to your insurance company so you can be reimbursed if you have “out of network” coverage. Please contact Nora so she can explain options available.


Nora also wants families to be aware of her cancellation policies. She completely understands that situations arise and your appointment may need to be cancelled. Please note that if you do not give at least 24 hours notice for the cancellation, and Nora is unable to reschedule your appointment in the current calendar week, you will be charged for that session.



Nora Winters is the Founder of Head and the Heart Therapy and Creative Therapy NY. She has been in practice as a Creative Arts Therapist and Mental Health Counselor for over 15 years. She earned her B.S. at Rochester Institute of Technology. She earned dual Masters Degrees in Art Therapy and Mental Health Counseling from Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA graduating early with the honor of summa cum laude. Nora achieved her New York state license for Creative Arts Therapy and has a nationwide board certification for Art Therapy.

Nora has extensive training in several modalities and prefers to work from an experiential, eclectic, and action focused perspective so to offer her clients the ability to help guide their treatment. After an initial assessment, Nora creates a clinical framework pulling from multiple modalities so this newly formed therapeutic alliance has a diverse set of applicable tools to work with. Nora has founded, directed, and led several programs from conception to successful realization. She also provides professional development for educational, clinical, and corporate settings. 


Nora also has a firm belief that health, wellness and happiness require self-motivation and family support. Nora prefers to communicate with outside providers including psychiatrists, psychologists, learning specialists, schools, wilderness programs, treatment facilities, mentors, tutors, and the family system.

“Nora has an amazing ability to light up a room when she walks in. This is also true when you get the 1:1 time to connect with her and just feel more alive and energized in her presence. Her insight and unconditional positive regard for whatever you are going through builds trust and a bond that is so special. I am grateful to have worked with Nora, experiencing first hand her safe, non-judgmental approach in facilitating my own personal growth. Nora has a beautiful way of fostering self-understanding, insight and awakening your creativity in using her creative forms of therapy. ”-Tye V.
“Nora brings not only her clinical background and expertise to her role, but also great creativity. Her exuberant nature inspires others to work toward their goals with confidence. Her unique style makes those who work with her feel both validated and confident in their strengths. ” -Polly C





“I had the pleasure of working with Nora for nearly three years. I remain in awe of Nora's skills and passion for her calling of brightening everyone's day around her. Days spent working with her were filled with lots of exhaustive work, fun, laughter, and helping anyone who crossed her path... If you get a chance to work with her, for her, or be a client of her mental health counseling/art psychotherapy; run to do it immediately! She's just that stinkin' amazing.”-Steve R. 





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